Silence The Heart

Posted: December 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Someone once told me that if you have something to say to someone then don’t wait for the right moment, for when you finally do decide to say what’s in your heart, it maybe to late.

I understand what was told to me but what if you know that what your heart has to say will be rejected? What if you know that the person your heart wants to speak to doesn’t want to listen and doesn’t really care? Then what should you do?

You know sometimes its best to just let things be. Sometimes what your heart has to say is best kept in your heart. If you know that the other person doesn’t want to hear your hearts voice then its better to just be quiet and say only what they want to hear.

It’s better to bear the pain of your unspoken feelings then to bear the pain of rejection.

Someone also told me once that it’s better to be rejected and know that at least you tried rather then losing the person who means the world to you.

My thoughts differ. I would rather let that someone free and if it were meant to be then that someone to return into my life and if it wasn’t meant to be then you both will be free. I would prefer to live with the loss of my heart rather then the pain of rejection.

If my silence brings happiness to that person then I would rather let my words go unspoken.


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