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Posted: April 4, 2011 in Life, People, Poetry, Random
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I am not a big blogger or writer by far, so i usually don’t have much to write about thus i don’t followers on this blog and twitter but i would like to think that at least one person some where [out of the many word press users] is reading my posts.

i have always wanted to be a radio show host but due to my obvious shyness and fear of embarrassment, i never took up that idea so i figured i would use word press as a tool to voice my self out thinking someone somewhere is reading.

Well my posts are and will be always random, based on what ever goes through my mind. I don’t usually have much to talk about or maybe i do but i don’t know how to put everything in to words to say it to others. As i am a quiet person and pretty lousy at stirring up conversations.

Like right now, their are so many things going on in my mind but i don’t know how to put it all into words. People find that rather odd about me but seeing that i am a slightly introverted person it is normal.

I can’t talk about topics like -Food – Cloths – Shoes -Shopping etc. so you see it becomes somewhat difficult i don’t own a camera so photography is out of the question. I don’t travel so that’s out of the list. Now you see my dilemma I run out of topics. I am more of a life annalist so i would rather talk about everyday life for everyday people and people like my self, causes and just everything related to life.

I was born with out talent so i am on a disadvantage. I like to doodle but i am not a good artist, I like writing random words on paper as they come to my mind, i like writing poetry and i just like writing simply.

I will try my best to keep writing … as you can see from this post and my past post, you may have a fair idea what my posts are going to be like.

Till i get struck by a writable thought —

Have a Blessed Day.

  1. easylifestyles says:

    Excellent job. Thanks for sharing. Sharing poems is something I truly enjoy doing. I enjoy reading your blog very much.

    Check out – A Day at the Park

  2. juju says:

    gal i fink you are great!!!!!!
    i enjoy reading ur blogs and at least i know wat u r going thru and other people can relate to it as well. KEEP POSTING!!!!!


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