People Watcher

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Life, People, Random, Reason, Relationship
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Don’t you ever wonder why people do what they do? and why the do it the way the do it? I know i do. Thats why like to observe people. Its amazing to watch the randomic and repeatative actions and movements of people.  I can sit for hours and just observe people.

Its some what facinating to see how similar or different an individual is to you or to another person.

The way they walk, they way the use their hands while they talk to someone , different facial expressions. The intensity of each motion,  Its amazing! somewhat like watching babies as they learn to turn and the crawl and then walk.

I just try and understand each persons body language and sometimes even if you  can’t hear what they are saying, you can make out what they are talking about just by the way their use their body movements and expressions. And its quiet interesting the things you make out.

Ever noticed how people from different works of life can have many things in common its interesting.


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