Long Way To Happiness……. Center Stage of Life

Posted: September 1, 2007 in Uncategorized

Life dont make any sence to me….!!!!…..What is life anyway… just a make belive story acted out on a huge stage, show casing a mixture of emotions….on this stage everyone plays center stage roles…. our first screen take is taken in our mothers womb, then we show a jungle of emotions on the day of our birth…. first few years until 15 yrs we are corner players{ at this part of life we are amertures, just hanging an going with the flow… nothing really matters to us}… from the age of 16 we take center stage {now we start living fully…. first love, first kiss, first heartbreak, an all that bull-shit….feeling stranded at home.. need to runaway somewhere… good luck} aftre 25 u get married {probably} {family life} first kid.. alls changed, no more fun… fights…tears…. feel like running away…. You Can Run But u cant hide…. 40 hhhmmm….{back to basics—they say life begins at 40} yeah right…. age is catching up mate…. {back problem, heart ach.. lever n kidney shrinking..} ur teenagers giving u trouble… loans office knock ur door to pay up…. hhmm sorry mate this is part an parcel of center stage…..now 70…..feeling young again.. ok understandable.. too many youth around u… kinda feeling jealouse ok…. now….. 80-90+ bed riddens.. in the home… about to kick the bucket… well now finally one day we get packed up in a wooden box and buried six feet under n left to rot….. This Is Life…. what more can i say but… Lifes a game people Play it with style… Coz One day we all gotta go…….

  1. Everyday , a deer awakens knowing it must out run the fastest lion or be hunted to death .Evryday also , a lion awakens knowing it must outrun the slowest deer or starve to death .In this lifetime , it doesn’t matter whether you’re a deer or a lion. When the sun rises ,you should be running at your best. Life is too short to sitting and waiting.

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