Hi this is the beginning of my blog and i am totally lost. Well to start off i had started a few blogs prior to this one, 4 to be exact on other sites but i was never able to keep them. Always ended up deleting them except 1 which i still have running and once in a while i post something on it.

Now  as the new year is just a few days away i want to start something and make it a point to keep it this time. Why i failed to keep the others was cause i dint get any readers on it. I hope this one changes that. Through this blog i want to share my life to other blogger’s and learn new things as i go along.

I am somewhat of a lost sheep, i sometimes think i have ADD as i loose interest in thing i start and never complete it. My aim for this blog is to test my self, i will start with one post a week and work from there. And give myself a new start this coming new year.

When i was a kid i always admired radio hosts and as i grew older i wanted to be on the radio myself but because i am not much of a talker i don’t see myself ever going ON-AIR. So what i am going to do is share my likes of music through this blog. May be it will help me get this through. I am Taking a chance on this.

I will appreciate your support at-least i would feel like i have achieved something. Your feedback will be welcomed.

Cheerful Regards


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